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Category Archives: Uncategorized looks way too simple!

Maybe I have to find a skin for it.

Advertisements so far seems similar to wordpress and blogspot. Wonder why it is so popular.

Ipads are now available worldwide and it is interesting to see that in the UK they are up to $150 more expensive than the US counterparts.  It doesn’t matter though because Apple’s marketing makes people pay any price that is on the tag.

More and more radio commercials for the Shoemoney System. Very smart since it gives very fresh traffic to the site, but must be costing a great penny. Furthermore, it cannot be quantified the same way adwords can so it is interesting to know how they justify the high cost of radio ads.

Youtube has finally changed from the stars to Like/Dislike! Very good move. It will get more people to vote on videos because it takes less time to decide whether you like or not like a video versus figuring out whether to give 3, or 4 or 5 stars to something.  If there is one thing an online video viewer hates to do is think.

Note to self, make categories and categorize this blog!

Saw an interview of Dr Weil by Kevin Rose. Seems like the man knows his stuff. Vitamin D research starts today.